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Chapter 1

"Loki where are you", Sif called out and ran to his room.  There he was there"yes my dear sif", loki stood up and she ran to him he cupped his hand on her cheek.  "What's the matter sif?" Loki stated and tears ran down her face. "I love you loki but I can't do this Thor is ugh he is just going to be jealous about it", sif replied to him and he kissed her so softly and she kissed him back.  "Sif it's-never mind", loki said through sif's neck and began to kiss again.  "When did you get so romantic and loving its like something hit you are you going mad loki?" No he said in his mind how can I read your thoughts and send a thought back to you.  It's magic sif let it stay with you and you can talk to me.  Well I think that I am in love with loki and not Thor so that is what I am going to say to him.  "Loki I'm sorry I've been a jerk to you", Thor stated Nd I looked up and so did loki. Loki nodded and stood up and I was really nervous about this relationship with the two brothers and me.  "Sif what are you doing here?" Thor reckoned and loki smirked "I-I um I am in love with loki not you Thor I'm sorry but I think this is my final choice with either one of you but Loki", sif replied and she cryer and loki and Thor felt sorry for her.


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